Порталът за имоти, строителство и обзавеждане на Варна и областта

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Динамик Солюшънс

Some reasons why customers choose us:

We are not real estate agency, developers or any other agency. We are the only lawyers practising in both countries – the UK and Bulgaria.

Members of our team have over 30 years experience on the property market in Bulgaria.

We have the ability to travel and represent our clients in both jurisdictions without imposing any burdens to your finances. Bulgarian lawyers may speak English, but they need valid permit to visit the UK, while British solicitors do not speak Bulgarian and obviously you are supposed to cover their extra expenses.

We are UK based.

Our associates and partners may help you with legal issues in France, the Netherlands and Bulgaria.

Our translators are members of CILT – the National Centre for Languages in the UK and advise Bulgarian Embassies on EU Law, conventions and treaties.

We deal with accountancy, health & social security matters and double taxation in both countries.

Once settled in Bulgaria, we may refer you to local English speaking GP’s; independent accountants; estate agents, building companies etc.

Our schemes of ‘Secure Payments’, ‘Representation on signing of contracts’ and ‘Investigation Service’ guarantee that your legal and financial interest is fully protected.

You receive all paper work certified and translated by officially recognised specialists.

We accept payments in any of the three currencies: GBP, Euro or BGL no matter whether you live in Bulgaria or the UK.

We cover immigration and offer discounts to our permanent clients.

In most circumstances, we can help you to overcome the consequences, caused by improper specialists, ‘semi – professionals’ and conmen.

We are the only UK firm offering debt recovery and tracing of absconded debtors in Bulgaria.

And finally, no matter acquiring or selling, you are not obliged to go through all the stages with us.

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Порталът за имоти, строителство и обзавеждане на Варна и областта ИМОТ ДНЕС - imotdnes.com; dnes@imotdnes.com

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